Sunday, April 16, 2006

Clutter often accumulates because of habits that don't support being organized. As you can see from the state of this car, continuously tossing garbage into the back seat eventually leads to one messy vehicle!
The same goes for the back: the black crate makes for a perfect container, but it needs to be used properly.
Look what I found beneath all of the rubbish! Twelve, yes 12 coffee cups (and that doesn't include the take-out cups that were thrown away)!

Deodorant rolling around, mouthwash under the seat...a gym bag would easily solve this problem!
This is how much garbage was taken from the car - practically a full bag!

Gone are the fast food wrappers, coffee cups, wrapping paper and garbage.

Look: the black crate neatly houses the automotive supplies, and there is lots of room for...?


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