Sunday, June 17, 2007

Turn your clutter into cash with a well organized garage or yard sale! Follow the tips below to ensure a pleasing set up and hassle-free day.

Realistic pricing is essential as is doing this ahead of time to avoid more headaches on the day of the sale (you will have enough on your plate with the early birds!). Encourage multiple purchases by pairing items together or stating "4 for a dollar, two for a toonie" etc.

Stuffing the profits into your pockets is one way of storing your money but this way is much more organized, don't you think? Ask around to see if you can borrow a cash box for the day.

Everyone loves to get something for nothing! Consider having a 'free' section to move items and encourage happy feelings!

These wooden boxes will double as baskets as people browse the tables...

Books, books and more books...purge your shelves and let go of books that you never finished, didn't like or didn't start!

What would a garage sale be without mason jars? Canning is making a comeback so dust off those canning supplies that have been sitting in the basement and help make someone's day!

Having all the planters in one spot makes it easy to offer a discount for large purchases.
Group like-items together so that people can quickly browse items of interest.

Make use of large tables to display items. People will be more apt to browse if they can do so without getting a sore back in the process.

Be careful that someone doesn't walk away with the family pet!

Now that you have carefully sorted and priced your stuff, you can get ready to sell, sell, SELL!
And remember, any items which don't sell should be taken to the thrift store immediately.
If not, you run the risk of bringing them back into your house where they may remain indefinately.