Sunday, April 06, 2008

Check this out: my altar project is positioned on top of three boxes in front of a fireplace that we rarely use. When Angelo expressed an interest in moving his home office out of the spare bedroom and into our sunny living area, we realized that the space in front of the fireplace could be better utilized as a work space. To view my altar project go to

Notice how the filing cabinet becomes the 'leg' of the shelf and an old night stand becomes the other leg. This means that both pieces do double duty; they are functional braces to a fabulous work space and are storage units as well.

Here is Angelo's new work space. We brought the table (desk) out from the spare bedroom and now his desk faces the backyard, which is awesome as it is a 'bird freeway' with lots of greenery and bird activity. Much better than looking at a wall or a co-worker or being stuck in a back room. Since we made use of the space in front of the fireplace to create the other part of the L shaped desk, the entire work area doesn't really infringe on our living space too much.